No more "diet starts tomorrow."

No more "on and off" thinking.

BBB teaches you how to eat out AND stay on track!

You may be asking “how this is possible?” I mean, you’ve tried every diet. You eat “healthy” from Monday to Friday.  

I mean, it's been a hard week. Life happens. You worked over time - you’re tired, you deserve to splurge on the weekend right?  

Next minute, a dinner with friends turns into a full on food fest ... you're feeling heavy, sluggish, & tired. Ugh... that "I've overeaten" feeling.

“Whatever” you tell yourself. You’ll pick up “healthy eating” again monday. You'll skip breakfast and it will all be okay. You’ll be extra strict. You’ll start Monday.  

  You beat yourself up about it for a few days…. “I’m so weak, why cant i stick to a diet? I’m a failure, I need to sort my life out”  

You feel much better after a few days of skipping meals, until hunger rears its ugly head and the cycle starts again….  

Does this sound familiar? Binging and restrictive eating is a lot more common than you think, you definitely aren’t alone. Too often fad diets and restrictive eating create an unbalanced relationship with food - THEY ARE NOT SUSTAINABLE.  

Women are hard on themselves. Every ridiculously low calorie diet that you break is NOT YOUR FAULT.  

You have just been sucked into something that promises fast BUT NOT LASTING RESULTS. This will eventually take its toll, and bring you into a downward spiral. As human beings, we want what we cant have. You don’t need to stop meals out to reach your body goals.  

SO, my ebook “BURGERS, BRUNCHES & A BADASS BODY” shows you how to start eating out SMART.  

And as a result drop those final few kilograms in a SUSTAINABLE way.  


Hey gal!

I'm Ellie Finlay - Women's Body & Macro coach!  

For over 6 years I have been coaching women on how to achieve results that stick through flexible dieting and smart resistance training. Too often women are resorting to extremes like rigid diet plans and hardcore training programs. This "extreme or nothing" mindset means you'll always be stuck on the "yo-yo", unable to make your results last!  

 I too experienced difficulties learning how to live a balanced lifestyle after going on and off written diet plans through fitness competitions. Learning how to track macros and flexible dieting showed me that I can still reach my fitness goals without having to cancel meals out or restrict my lifestyle!  

Are you ready to break the cycle and become your best self?  


Pictured below results of just 2 of my clients who have learned about flexible dieting and living a balanced lifestyle.  

They were not put on a written diet plan. They were taught how to track using MFP (my fitness pal), and eat according to their lifestyle. NONE of my clients feel deprived. This is not a quick fix. YOU have to take the necessary steps, take the action and do the learning. It will all be worth it, YOU’LL NEVER NEED TO GO ON A WRITTEN DIET PLAN AGAIN :) 

In my FREE ebook “BURGERS, BRUNCHES AND A BADASS BODY” you will receive my top 7 tips to balancing out meals to hit your macros when you have a social event!  

Lets face it, in life you will always have these social outings. Weddings, dinner dates, lunches, brunches…this doesn’t mean you need to cancel plans. YOU CAN still go these things and reach your fitness goals!  

In this ebook you will receive ... - best macro friendly eating places around adelaide - environments that may be sabotaging your progress - A guide to using my fitness pal - A VIDEO example and explanation as to how I fit in a burger and chips - A macro food chart - Meal examples and ideas - Meal timing and planning tips - Smart food switches!  


This product is for you if ...  

  • You have had enough of written diet plans
  • Are willing to learn and understand food 
  • Are feeling deprived with food and your lifestyle
  • Need help with food options
  • Need help with learning how to use MFP 
  • Want to drop bodyfat without going on a strict plan
  • Are feeling frustrated  

This product is not for you if ...  

x You want a written diet plan x Not open to trying something new x Want quick short term, unsustainable results x Not willing to learn  

Receive my ebook entirely FREE! All you need to do is click the link, and provide your email!  


Ellie Finlay Women's Body & Macro Coach | Copyright 2019